As I mentioned in this blog post , technology has the opportunity to save our planet. As a continuation of that post, I want to touch on a few more technologies that can make leading a fully sustainable life more possible for everyone.

 Eco-Friendly (Green) Burial

While this is the opposite of sustainable “living”, it’s an important thing to think about. Many people seem to forget that that we still have an impact on the planet after we’re dead. There have been technologies in place to create sustainable burials that counteract the “carbon-intensive” burial methods that we use today. There are several options, including mushroom suits and biodegradable funeral accessories. The mushroom suits are called Infinity Burial suits and are embroidered with mushroom spores. The spores, coupled with an alternative embalming fluid create an environment for the mushrooms to grow. The biodegradable funeral furnishings include: coffins, caskets and urns. They are made of woven wicker coffins that are naturally durable and don’t use plastic or styrofoam when they are shipped.

 Crops that are Drought-Tolerant

We are currently seeing huge shifts in weather patterns, that are causing massive droughts (ie the ongoing California drought). The droughts have led to water cutbacks for farmers (and homewowners) which has led to the need for solutions. Since it is not feasible to just pick and move farms to other, well watered areas, farmer are beginning to turn to genetically modified crops. These crops are designed to be more resilient overall, and will be able to survive with much less water.

 More Affordable Green Vehicles

Eco-friendly vehicles have been on the market for years now, but cars with pristine sustainability traits (like the Tesla) are usually very far outside of the budget for the average consumer. That is starting to change. Tesla has begun to allow other car manufactures access to their patents in order to increase the innovation and production of eco friendly vehicles.

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