Different locations and different gardens also require different design and organization. Let’s say you have a plenty of space around your house and you don’t want it to be that way anymore. You want to do something with it, give it a real meaning and enjoy every single part of it. Let’s say you want to build your own Permaculture garden, but you are not quite familiar with any of the designing principles, rules, different ways of creation etc.  Do you think it is hard to organize your garden and give each part of it a special meaning?

If your answer to this question is “yes’’, I need to tell you that you are wrong. I am here to show you that designing your very own Permaculture garden has never been easier, and you can actually have a lot of fun while doing it. First of all, let’s say something about Permaculture in general.

What does Permaculture mean to you?

I am sure you’ve heard of Permaculture for many times by now, but in case you haven’t, here’s a chance to make up all of the missed. This is a designing system which consists of a wide range of various disciplines (for example ecology, energy conservation), and helps you build a place that you have always dreamed of but have never known the proper way of doing it. The proper Permaculture design helps you design even the places (gardens) that are hardly sustainable and hardly taken care of.

These principles can definitely be applied to any culture, place (location) and also climate, which means that the design depends only on your own ideas and motivation for the accomplishment. A good Permaculture design is created of various interesting and quality principles, which all, individually, carry a special meaning.

Designing principles

Each of these principles is based on science, of course, and there is no way there is something wrong with it. The entire design shows people all over the world how they are able to create something very important by connecting only a few principles together, and the effect they have on each other. I am sure that you already have a wide range of beautiful ideas for designing, but if you don’t, I know a person which can help you a lot. Of course, I am talking about Vladislav Davidzon, a man who had introduced Permaculture in a totally new way that changed many lives around the world.

If you want to understand the essence of this kind of design, you need to understand the way that each principle works and the purpose it has. I know it may sound unbelievable to you, but the right organization way can completely change your life and make it much easier.

For example, it is very important to place every single element in the right way, so it is in the relationship with others. Each of the elements performs its own function, which is important and supported by other elements. Before you start designing your garden, make sure you have all your ideas prepared and ready,  and then start having fun with the Permaculture.